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Warrior - Watchface

Entwickler Raffaele Garofalo (Raffaeu)
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The Warrior watchface provides high readability and useful information at your glance.The dark background provide a very good contrast and the infinite amount of available customization allow you to create your own Warrior style.Available Features

• 5 different accent colors: Orange, Red, Pink, Blue and Green
• Colorful Ambient Mode or Black&White Ambient Mode
• Interaction with Panels
• Phone Battery Level
• Watch Battery Level
• Calendar
• Weather
• Secondary Clock

This watchface works on circular watches and rectangular watches equipped with Android WEAR
Interactive watchface:You can choose which panel just by touching an area of the display (left, right, bottom). At every touch the watchface will switch to a different panel: Phone Battery, Watch Battery, Calendar, Weather, Secondary Clock.
Settings and InstallationAll settings are available from the companion app on your Smartphone. After you have downloaded and installed the Warrior watchface, open Android WEAR app on your Smartphone and choose the Warrior watchface. Then you can press the gear icon on top of the watchface to access the settings area.
If your watchface is not visible, please wait some minutes. Some Android WEAR watches requires some time in order to show a newly installed watchface.If your watchface does not load, open Android WEAR app on your Smartphone and choose resync your watch and again wait some minutes.Tips: if you keep the WiFi on your Watch will synchronize the watchface faster than over bluetooth